Celebrating Women's Achievements on International Women's Day

Today, we celebrate the awe-inspiring achievements of women from all corners of the world. At KAAI, we understand the importance of supporting each other, and we are proud to be a brand for women, by women. 

Take a moment to listen and discover the remarkable women that left an indelible mark on the people in our company.

Today, on International Women's Day, we share with pride a piece of advice from our personal experiences. We hope they inspire you to embrace your unique self, stay true to your identity and empower others along the way. 

Maxime / Marketing Manager

Listen to Maxime, the marketing manager of KAAI. The woman she looks up to the most is her best friend. Discover more about who inspires Maxime in this video.

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Charlotte / Social Media & Content Specialist

Listen to Charlotte, our social media and content specialist. In her free time she loves to go to the belgian sea side and go on long walks with her dog. Discover more about who inspires Charlotte in this video.

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Ine / Founder

Listen to Ine, the co-founder of KAAI. Ine got inspired by Frida Kahlo during her last trip to Mexico. "She was very revolutionary, a feminist who broke the rules and created amazing art" Discover more about who inspires Ine in this video.

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Nina / Branding Intern

Listen to Nina, our Branding Intern. Nina is inspired by Matilda Djerf, the founder of Djerf Avenue. "She brings a certain realistic view to the brand, where she sells timeless and sustainable pieces". Discover more about who inspires Nina in this video.

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Tinne / Happiness Manager

Listen to Tinne, our Customer Service and Sales representative. The woman that she looks up to the most is her cousin. "She's fearless, she has tons of energy and she has this no-nonesense mentality" Discover more about who inspires Tinne in this video.

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Pauline / Marketing & Communications Intern

Listen to Pauline, our Marketing Intern. Her piece of advice: "Be kind to yourself. We are often our own worst critics." Discover more about who inspires Pauline in this video.

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Mainoc / Junior Digital Marketing

Listen to Mainoc, Junior Digital Marketing. Mainoc likes to go out for a run, or go to the gym in her free time. But what she values most is spending time with her family and friends. Discover more about Mainoc in this video.

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Helga / Founder

Listen to Helga, the co-founder of KAAI. Her advice to women: Follow your gut feeling, don't be influenced by what others think or say. Discover more about who inspires Helga in this video.

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Hannelore / Digital Marketing Consultant

Listen to Hannelore, our Digital Marketing Consultant. As a new mom, Hannelore looks up to all the moms in the world. Discover more about what inspires Hannelore in this video.

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We believe that every woman has the power to change the world and that by supporting each other, we can achieve anything we set our minds to.

From the bottom of our hearts, we want to thank you for being a part of our community, and for inspiring us every day.  We promise to continue to celebrate and support women's rights, not just on International Women's Day, but every single day of the year.

What advice would you like to give to our #kaaiwomen community? Let us know via email or social media by tagging @kaaibags and #kaaiwomen.

Warm Wishes,