#S02 Episode 6: ChloƩ Dall'Olio (London)

#S02 Episode 6: ChloƩ Dall'Olio (London)

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Listen to the conversation with ChloĆ© Dall'Olio, a Video Director, Performer, Model and Interviewer šŸŽ§

For this episode the mic traveled to London, to talk to ChloƩ Dall'Olio. ChloƩ is a video director with Italian roots who effortlessly blends her love for theater and performance with her job at Trinny London. As a storyteller she's passionate about getting to know people, especially from the queer community, and sharing their experiences through video and performance.

"Just follow your gut when it comes to organizing your daily life. Do what you love in your free time to bring more value to the workplace".

When you calm your mind you can prioritise certain activities and live a better day-to-day life.

As an Italian coming to London she soon learned to adapt her lifestyle to the rhythm of the hectic city. Learning how to cue at the coffee shop was a big step for her. In Italy life is less structured while in London everything is more organized.

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During the podcast, she takes us through a typical day in her lifeā€”starting with her skincare routine and stretching for a few minutes to grabbing a cappuccino (with extra chocolate) before taking the tube to work.

When she opens her laptop at work she fully focuses on the artistic side of the job before mingling with her colleagues during lunch break. After work she goes straight to a show or to a restaurant to have dinner with friends.

Tune in to learn more about her lifestyle and how she adapted her way of living when moving from Italy to the UK.

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