#S02 Episode 5: Ingrid Aarsman (The Netherlands)

#S02 Episode 5: Ingrid Aarsman (The Netherlands)

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Listen to the conversation with Ingrid Aarsman, a Transformation Manager, Certified Quaner and Co-Author 🎧

The mic traveled to Groningen in The Netherlands, to talk to Ingrid Aarsman. Ingrid has turned her personal experience with a 'bore-out' into a compelling career helping others find their path. Her passion? Helping individuals and organizations find balance and understanding through transformative change.

"One thing I live by is expression. The singular belief that underpins my existence is leading a life that's true to my intention of being".

It is this deep-rooted belief that drives her to help people find their voice and seek justice.

Her advice to those seeking work-life balance is to be in tune with their true self and choose activities that bring joy and positive energy. "Find your intention of being and do things that are good for you and your surroundings". Want to learn more about this? Consult Ingrid's book: Intention of Being.

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During the podcast, she takes us through a typical day in her life—starting with a morning walk with her dog, Mara. She uses this time to clear her head before the busy day starts.

Since she lives in the countryside, quite far from bigger cities like Amsterdam, she travels a lot. And again, it is important for her to find a balance and be organized while doing so. She even has developed a knack for efficiently packing her travel bags.

Tune in to learn more about her inspiring journey, her initiatives, and her practical advice on how to be the best version of yourself.


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