#S02 Episode 4: Carole Lamarque (Belgium)

#S02 Episode 4: Carole Lamarque (Belgium)

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Listen to the conversation with Carole Lamarque, best-selling author and CEO of a marketing firm. 🎧

The mic stayed within Antwerp to talk to Carole Lamarque. She’s the co-founder and CEO of DUVAL UNION Innovative Marketing where she advises companies in digital strategy and Innovation. She's a proud best-selling author of three books and knows everything about community building.

“I don’t see my work as a separate thing. I see marketing as being a passion, and I know it's a true luxury to be able to see this.”

Carole is proudly born in Paris but raised and educated in Antwerp. She is an influencer in the business landscape and goes into dialogue with almost 30 000 Belgian leaders on a daily. Next to a busy work schedule she loves to put on her running shoes and train for marathons.

“Family and Friends always have been a priority. If my son needs me on the phone, I drop everything. "

Carole prefers to work from home remotely most of the time. This way, she doesn’t waste time traveling from one meeting to the next. As a CEO, Carole encourages her team to strive for optimal health and well-being.

“On Fridays, we come together at the office and have a healthy lunch together. On these days, we prioritize spending time together and building a culture.”

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In this episode, Carole tells us how she uses time squeezing to combine and manage her duties. Time squeezing means doing two things at once, something that Carole has been practicing a lot while raising her children.

“My son did 15 years of swimming competitions. While I was waiting for him in between competitions, I read my emails or did something else. It’s about trying to squeeze your time to optimize it.”

Listen to Carole’s story and learn more about her experience with scheduling time wisely and being able to see work as her passion.

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