#S02 Episode 3: Laura Falcon (Canada)

#S02 Episode 3: Laura Falcon (Canada)

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Listen to the conversation with Laura, a senior project manager and loving mom from Vancouver - Canada.🎧

The MIC traveled all the way to Vancouver to talk to Laura Falcon. Laura has a degree in psychology but fell into the world of construction. Today she's a senior project manager for a mechanical insulation company. Next to her busy job, she's a wife and loving mom to her eleven-year-old son, Jonah, who has special needs.

"I go from being a senior project manager to basically a housekeeper, teacher, and problem solver."

For Laura, organizing is more important than ever. As she works long days, preparation and planning are key. You'll never find her without her daily planner by her side.

"In Vancouver, everybody commutes in some way shape, or form. It’s very common that both parents are working full-time. Another thing we find common is multi-generational families in the same home."

Listen to the podcast and learn more about the Canadian way of living. Laura shares her personal opinion and experiences when it comes to their work-life balance and quality of life.

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What about alone time? Laura has to commute an hour to get to work. She uses this time in her car in the middle of Vancouver traffic to "stew on things, she needs to stew on". By the time she's home, she has left work behind.

“Use the time when you’re alone, look at it differently. For example, the traffic, use it for relaxing.”

Listen to the podcast to get some insights into how Laura organizes her life as a busy mom, and which tools she implemented into her daily life to make it as structured as possible.

"Try and make things as easy for yourself as possible. Don't be afraid to tell people no."
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