Care and maintenance

How to make your KAAI bag last for a long time?

How to treat the leather of your bag?

How to treat plain, grain and naplack leather bags?

Our plain, grain and naplack leather bags (such as the Ikon, Mini, Midi & larger Pyramid, (midi) Helix as well as all Bowler bags) are made from 100% Italian cow leather. The leather is treated with a special technique to protect the leather while making it water proof and scratch resistant. This coating also keeps the colours from fading.

When your bag gets dirty, it's best to wipe off the dirt immediately to avoid any stains forming. You can clean your bag using a soft wet cloth and if needed some mild detergent - i.e. a soft white or natural soap. Be sure to test these products before applying them to the entire bag.

Avoid using any leather care product that contains alcohol, as these may damage the bag’s coating.

Be careful with ink pens as ink can cause a permanent stain.

How to treat croco and lizard printed leather bags?

All croco and lizard bags are manufactured in a fine Italian calf leather, the motif is printed into it. They can be cleaned with a soft and slightly wet cloth. Do not use any detergents or chemicals as they could reduce the leather’s shiny finish or even damage the leather.In case your bag gets wet, for example from the rain, it’s best to dry the bag with a cloth to make sure the bag stays beautiful. Both croco and lizard printed bags are treated prior to purchase but should be sprayed with a transparant leather spray every 3-4 months to protect them against the rain.

To enjoy your bag as long as possible, aftercare is necessary. We recommend a transparent leather spray. 

How to treat Nappa leather bags?

The Nappa leather bags (such as Mini Arch, Ikon Clutch with ornament and the silver & light gold Ikon Clutch, Loop, Slim Arch) are NOT scratch resistant. This softer, more natural kind of leather is a little more delicate and needs preventive care. 

Before usage, we recommend applying a transparent leather spray to protect your bag from water and to use a leather cream to maintain the quality of the bag. Prior to applying the cleaning product, test it on a hidden surface.

Address stains promptly; for beverage stains, gently blot with blotting paper without rubbing, then softly glide a white damp cloth over the stain, moving from the outer to the inner side. Allow it to air dry. Polish with a gentle, dry cloth.

To guarantee ultimate protection, we suggest treating your Nappa leather bag 24h before taking the bag outside for the first time. Store your Nappa bag in a dry, room-temperature environment when you're not using it.  

The Interior

KAAI bags have iconic blue interior made out of micro suède fabric, which is soft on both your hands as well as valuable belongings. Be careful with white plastic belongings as the blue colour may affect their colour.

Be careful with hand gels. 

Hand gels can contain up to 70% alcohol, making them very dangerous to leather hand bags. Alcoholic substances can cause damage and stains. These unfortunately cannot be removed so make sure your hands are dry before touching the leather.

In case this gels spills over your hand bag, whipe off immediately. 


My KAAI bag

My Ikon

How to attach the shoulder strap?

The Ikon’s shoulder strap should always be attached to the back of the metal rings as shown on the image below. This makes the design look better and assures maximum comfort while wearing the Ikon on your shoulder or cross body.


My Mini Pyramid

How to attach the shoulder strap?

The mini pyramid's shoulder strap should always be attached with the KAAI logo facing the outside, as shown on the image below. This assures that the strap remains secure and provides maximum comfort while wearing the mini pyramid on your shoulder or cross body. 

My Ikon Clutch

How to wear?

The Ikon Clutch comes with 2 different shoulder straps: a shorter and wider strap, to wear the bag in hand or on your shoulder, and a longer thinner strap to wear the bag cross body and keep your hands free. The clutch can also be worn under your arm without a strap turning it into an elegant evening bag.

How to attach the different straps?


My Mini Bowler

How to wear?

The Mini Bowler comes with a long strap to wear the bag crossbody. 

How to attach the shoulder strap?