#Episode 4 - Mayu Yoshida (Japan)

#Episode 4 - Mayu Yoshida (Japan)

The MIC traveled all the way to Japan to talk with Mayu Yoshida. Mayu was a news correspondent, anchor, and reporter for Thomson Reuters and Reuters news agency in Japan until she decided to become a freelance reporter.

She's one of the co-founders of 'Women in Journalism' in Japan with a mission to spread diversity in newsrooms across the country and besides all of that, she's also a mom of three children.

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Her life as a TV Journalist was quite hectic as she managed to juggle long working hours and being a mom. As much as she loved her job as a reporter she knew she was ready for the next step. That's when she decided to quit her job and focus on her family.
The key to a balanced life is to organize your schedule as well as your living space.
"Hiring a professional organizer was something that was one of the best decisions that I've made this year"
As the Co-Founder of Women in Journalism in Japan, Mayu is still working to get more diversity into Japanese newsrooms.
“Gender inequality remains a very serious issue in Japan. Women in Japan are less likely to be hired as full-time staff and on average we earn less. We want to change that on a more personal level.”
At WJJ she holds on-air seminars and webinars where she encourages male and female news reporters to help increase diversity.
Listen to the podcast to get to know insights about the work-life balance for women in Japan and how it has changed over the years, and learn more about Mayu's decision to not adhere to the Japanese norm for stay-at-home moms.

Her best advice to women who struggle with balancing work- and family life:
“Dedicate your time and do what you love. Then maybe the time will come. What matters at the end of the day is the happiness of the family"
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