Vegan Midi Pyramid - black

Vegan Midi Pyramid - black Vegan Midi Pyramid - cognac
Laptop 13.5"
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Discover the new vegan cactus leaf tote bag – a lightweight, eco-friendly, and durable choice. With its soft touch, this handbag radiates elegance. Inside, find convenience with multiple pockets and a laptop sleeve to keep you organized effortlessly.

  • Made from 33% cactus and 67% recycled PU. 
  • Cruelty-free, plant-based material that feels soft to the touch. 
  • Free of toxic chemicals, phthalates, and PVC. 
  • Highly resistant to scratches and water, so your bag will keep its shape and color for years.
  • Comes with 2 outer pockets and multiple inner pockets to hold your laptop, phone, glasses, charger cables, pens and paper, makeup, water bottle, and more.
  • Reinforced handles support the weight of your laptop.
  • Reinforced base and metal feet to prevent your laptop from hitting the ground.
  • Full-length metal zip enclosure to keep your belongings safe.
  • The bag is easy to clean and doesn't need special 'leather' care. 
  • Selection of classic colors to match any outfit in any season.
  • Free shipping & 90-day money-back guarantee.

    Experience responsible luxury with this vegan shoulder bag – a chic and sustainable addition to your everyday style. Made from mature cactus leaves harvested in Mexico and transformed by Desserto in Italy into cactus leather. Holding both Peta approval and the European Vegan Label, this tote is a cruelty-free and eco-friendly choice.

    Spacious and practical, the Midi Pyramid contains generously-sized inner pockets to hold everything you need to take with you:

    • Laptop
    • Phone
    • Charger cables
    • Pens and paper
    • Lipstick and makeup
    • Umbrella or water bottle
    • Keys
    • Wallet
    • And more

    It also has 2 outer pockets with magnet button clasps to hold items you need to reach quickly.

    Comes with a reinforced base and handles to support the weight of your items and prevent the bag from sagging.



    Material: Made from vegan, sustainable cactus-based material, 33% cactus and 67% recycled PU.

    Metal Hardware: Nickel

    Closure Type: YKK Zipper

    Outside Compartments:
    • 2 pockets with magnetic closure for wallet, phone, glasses

    Metal Protection Feet: 5

    - INSIDE

    Material: Micro suede in KAAI's signature blue

    Tech Device Closure: Closure made from plant-based material with velcro

    Inside Compartments:

    • 2 pen/lipgloss holders
    • 2 inner pockets for phone, glasses, power bank
    • 1 pocket with zipper
    • Special bottle/cable/umbrella holder

    Other Utilities:

    • Detachable key leash

    Sizing & weight

    The Vegan Midi Pyramid - black features a laptop pocket that fits up to 13.5" laptops. Check if your laptop will fit your KAAI bag using this simple guide.

    Bag Measurements:

    Size inch: 13 L x 10.6 H x 5.5 W

    Tech Device Compartments:

    • Fits a laptop up to 13.5 inch (diagonal)
    • Max width tech device: 12.8 Inches

    Handles: 2 handles with 10.2 Inch drop length

    Straps: /

    Weight: 2.2 lb


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    Why cactus?

    It's a revolutionary, cruelty-free and environmentally conscious alternative to leather

    No additional water: they rely only on rainwater and earth minerals, minimizing water consumption and promoting ecological balance.

    Safe to harvest: the cactus variety has small thorns, ensuring a safer and more efficient harvest for the agriculture team.

    In harmony with nature and preserves biodiversity: absorbing CO2, it simultaneously produces oxygen and extracts water. The choice of native cactus species aligns with regional biodiversity, seamlessly blending with wild flora.

    Eliminates cross-industry conflicts: all by-products unused in leather production find purpose in the national food industry, eliminating cross-industry conflicts and promoting sustainability.

    Production process

    The cactus material undergoes a special production process rooted in Mexico.

    Step 1: mature leaves are selected and
    carefully cut (ensuring that the cactus itself remains undamaged).

    Step 2: after the harvest, the mature leaves are naturally dried for three days.

    Step 3: once dried, the leaves are transformed into a fine powder.

    Step 4: the fine material is later turned into cactus leather in Italy, where the know how for leather-making lies.

    Vegan but same KAAI look and feel

    The Pyramid bag is the best companion for the woman on the go. It comes with 2 outer pockets and multiple inner pockets to hold your (work) essentials like a laptop, phone, glasses, charger cables, pens and paper, makeup, water bottle, and more.

    While being very scratch- and water resistant, the cactus alternative to leather is also soft to the touch providing the luxurious experience of a KAAI bag.