Campaign image of a model holding a black vegan Pyramid bag

This vegan bag is one of VegOut's favorites

With the launch of the vegan Pyramid and Midi Pyramid made from cactus-based material, KAAI is doing its part in the search for sustainable alternatives to leather.

One of the key advantages of this cactus-based material is its minimal environmental impact. Cactus plants are resilient and require less water compared to traditional leather sources. What makes cactus material even more durable is that the cactus remains undamaged during the harvesting process. Only the mature leaves are selected and carefully cut. This sustainable practice allows for a new harvest every 6-8 months, promoting the longevity of the cactus plants.


VegOut article listing KAAI as one of the best vegan bags


What makes these vegan bags stand out even more is that they are as scratch- and water-resistant as the other KAAI work bags. They also feature the signature well-organized interior with a separate laptop compartment and many different interior pockets. This way you are always ready to tackle the day in the most eco-friendly way possible.

These bags not only cater to your style needs but also embody a commitment to cruelty-free fashion. The vegan Pyramid and Midi Pyramid are available in black and cognac, allowing you to pair them endlessly with any outfit.


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