#Episode 6: Anne Ludmann (Belgium)

#Episode 6: Anne Ludmann (Belgium)

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Listen to the conversation with Anne, the general manager of Sapphire House in Antwerp. 🎧

The MIC stayed within the borders of KAAI's home town Antwerp to talk with Anne Ludmann. Anne is the general manager of Sapphire House in Antwerp. Anne has over 20 years of experience in the hotel business before she became the general manager of Sapphire House.

Anne was born in France and calls herself a true French girl. Before arriving in Belgium, Anne lived in Paris and New York where she operated several luxury hotels.

She thought she'd never leave Paris again... but then she met her husband and moved to Antwerp for "love".


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Not a day in the life of Anne is the same. Working in the hotel business means there is no routine. It is a job that is full of surprises, sometimes good ones, sometimes less good ones. But one thing is for sure, it never gets boring.

Even though she does not have a standard routine, she still values structure in life.
"I can only prepare two things in my work life, my outfits and my bag. Those are the only two things I have control over, for all the rest, I have to go with the flow."

In moving to different countries, Anne noticed some cultural differences between France and Belgium. In this episode, she talks about the difference in the working mindset and productivity between both countries and how she had to adjust.

“Antwerp is bon vivant. In Antwerp, people have drinks after work, but not too late. In France, people will take longer breaks during the day and work later."
Listen to the podcast and learn more about the life of a GM in the hotel business and how Anne tries to keep a balance between her social- and work life.
Anne's best advice to women in business:
"Try to prepare. I think preparation is the one little thing that you can still influence."
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