#S02 Episode 1: Lies Eeckman (Belgium)

#S02 Episode 1: Lies Eeckman (Belgium)

After a successful first season, we are happy to announce that the #KAAIpodcast is back!

We kick off season 2 with Lies Eeckman, the managing director of Polestar Belgium & Luxembourg. 🎧

The MIC stayed between our national borders to have a conversation with Lies Eeckman from Brussels. How does one combine a busy job with having 5 children? With the necessary help from her loved ones, Lies managed to keep her life on track. For her, authenticity is truly key.

"I think what is important for me is that I'm very passionate. I do not like my job, I love my job. I do not like my kids and family, I love them."

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Lies is the managing director at Polestar, a Swedish car manufacturer. This means she travels to Sweden regularly. For her, prioritizing tasks is an important tool to create an organized life.

"I don't like the terminology work-life balance. When you put these two next to each other it feels like they are competing. So for me, it's more striving towards a life balance."

For her, it’s all about priority management. It helps her to stay on track and make time for things that give her positive energy. Like having breakfast together with her family or putting her daughter to bed.

“Each day, we get up earlier to have breakfast together as a family. In this way, we are fully energized to start the day.”

In this episode, Lies shares her personal mantras and the best advice to maintain a structured life. She also tells us about the cultural differences between Belgium and Sweden when it comes to the work environment.

Listen to Lies' inspiring story, and how she takes an open-minded approach to making the best out of her life every single day.

We are not superheroes, we're just human and it's perfectly fine not to be perfect. So, dare to ask for help.”

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