Laptop Size Guide

  1. Measure the width (not the screen diagonal) of your laptop or tablet
  2. Check this with the measurements of the tablet or laptop compartment inside your future Kaai bag in cm and inches. For example: A laptop with a width of 12 inch will fit inside the Loopthe Midi Pyramid, the Pyramid, the Midi Helix, the Helix, the Bowler and the Men's Bowler.

Still not sure? Have a look on our full laptop size guide page

Mini Pyramid Mini Tablet with max. width of 8.6 inch
Midi Bowler Tablet with max. width of 10.2 inch
Loop Laptop with max. width of 12.2 inch
Midi Helix Laptop with max. width of 12.4 inch
Midi Pyramid Laptop with max. width of 12.8 inch
Bowler Laptop with max. width of 13.3 inch
Pyramid Laptop with max. width of 14.2 inch
Helix Laptop with max. width of 14.2 inch
Men's Bowler Laptop with max. width of 14.5 inch