Join the #KAAIwomen celebration with the limited-edition 5th Anniversary Bag

October is a festive month! Why, you ask? Get ready to celebrate five amazing years of #KAAIwomen, stories and handbags. 🎉

The week of October 9th is all celebrating moments filled with elegance, style and ambition.

What better way to mark this milestone than with the #KAAIwomen community and the launch of the limited-edition Anniversary Bag.

Read all about it 👇

Limited Edition Anniversary Bag

Experience elegance and function in our limited-edition blue jacquard bag, inspired by the timeless allure of Art Deco.

The design is influenced by a captivating carpet of the 'Armory Show 1913' in New York.

Can you spot the subtle tribute to 'KAAI' and the fifth milestone within the design? Take a closer look; it's all in the details.

A message from the founders

A big thank you for being a crucial part of our incredible journey!

As KAAI women, you hold a special place in our hearts and are the absolute best ambassadors we could have wished for.

When we kicked off the casting call for our 5th Anniversary campaign, we honestly didn't know what to expect.

But your overwhelming responses have truly blown us away. The radiance of these amazing women in this campaign says it all.

We're so thankful for each and every one of you for being such an important part of this incredible journey!

Ine & Helga, co-founders KAAI