KAAI at the forefront of the new Belgian era according to Glossy.co

Kaai's journey from the quays of Antwerp to the thrilling avenues of New York City signifies the brand's commitment to quality, functionality, and timeless design across the globe.

Glossy.co compares the Antwerp Six to KAAI and 2 other contemporary Belgian brands crossing the ocean. We're honoured to be in the good company of Antwerp fashion academy graduate Igor Dieryck (who we've collaborated with this summer) and fashion brand Essentiel Antwerp.

In the article co-founder Ine mentions that Belgian design is well-known for being recognizable in a subtle way. On all KAAI bags the logo is embossed in the leather, as a subtle yet recognizable touch for the fans of the brand.


As Belgian fashion continues to capture the world's attention, KAAI stands as a brilliant example of elegance beyond Belgian borders. With its strategic worldwide growth, KAAI is not just a handbag brand; it's a symbol of Belgian luxury in the world of fashion.

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