Jennifer Garner spotted wearing the KAAI Pyramid tote bag in the new Netflix Holiday movie

Jennifer Garner has been spotted carrying the Midi Pyramid tote bag in her role as Jess Walker in the Netflix movie ‘Family Switch’.

As a working mom of three with a thriving career, the Midi Pyramid bag helps her organize her essentials and equips her with a stylish workbag that brings a little more structure into her busy life. 

©Netflix Family Switch

The KAAI Midi Pyramid is a stylish tote bag that is ideal for daily use and commuting.

The convenient built-in compartments allow you to easily and neatly store all your work essentials.

The separate laptop compartment fits laptops up to 13.5”. Is your laptop larger than 13.5”? The larger Pyramid bag fits laptops up to 15.6”.

All Pyramid bags are made from 100% Italian cow leather. They are treated with a special coating, which makes the bags scratch and water resistant. This makes it the ideal bag for working women with busy lives.

“Family switch”, the ideal Christmas movie for a cozy night in

The Walkers are a family of five: mom Jess, dad Bill, daughter Ceecee and two sons Wyatt and Miles.

Due to a mysterious event during the planetary alignment at the Griffith Park Planetarium, Jess and Ceecee and Bill and Wyatt switch bodies.

Father and mother Walker must now survive in the high school jungle, while Ceecee and Wyatt must suddenly learn to cope with adult obligations.

Will this bizarre experience bring the family closer together?

Watch 'Family switch' now on Netflix! Can you spot the KAAI bag?


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