The Loop Bag - a laptop bag you can wear as a chic crossbody purse

After the community longed for a (work)bag that you can wear crossbody on your daily adventures, the new Loop bag is finally here. 

Its unique soft leather choice sets this bag apart from the more structured designs in the collection. For a chic look, this crossbody luxury laptop bag becomes a natural part of you.

Its soft, relaxed design makes it a pleasure to wear.

What's in a name?

The Loop Bag takes its name from the stylish knots on the handle ('loop' is a synonym for knot) The unique knot design on the handles create a feminine look.

The vertical design of the bag as a contemporary touch to your professional looks by combining craftmanship with comfort.

Supreme Softness - Unparalleled Quality

Crafted from high-quality calfskin from Italy, the Loop Bag exudes luxury and sophistication.

The search for a soft and supple leather with croco print was very important to create a bag that's comfortable and flexible.

The bottom of the bag is reinforced to ensure the durability, while at the same time providing a smooth and comfortable carrying experience.

"Creating a vertical-shaped bag that discreetly can hold a laptop was a challenge. We had to explore new materials. Soft, full-grain leather materials were the answer, ensuring it wears as it hugs you back."

Designer, co-founder, Helga Meersmans

Unique new design features

"When a new bag is designed, Ine and I always carry the prototype around for a while to test out the design and perfect all special features." says designer Helga.

During that process the bottom of the bag was reinforced to carry the weight of a laptop. Adjustments were made to the handles to reinforce them as well, to ensure that the bag can carry the weight of all your essentials on the go.

With the Loop Bag, you can easily take your laptop (up to 13 inches) to your workplace.

Organise your work life

On the inside the Loop Bag features 5 inner pockets to hold your laptop, phone, glasses, charger cables and more work essentials. Since it can be worn crossbody it's easier to carry the weight of your laptop. The laptop compartment with sufficient padding accommodates your laptop securely.

Having access to the small essentials you need is easy thanks to the zipper pocket on the backside of the bag.

The tote bag can be closed off with a zipper, making sure your belongings are kept safely while you're on the go!