Harpers Bazaar best tote bags with zipper

Harpers Bazaar best tote bags with zipper

A tote bag is quite literally the hardest-working bag in your life. It has to carry not only your work essentials, but also all your personal items you want to take on your journey. To store all of those valuables in a safe way, that's where the Pyramid work bag from KAAI takes center stage.

Not only does it have a zipper, its organized inside also makes storing all your items very easy and convenient. All of this together is what makes the Pyramid worthy of a spot in Harper's Bazaars article 'The 16 Best Zipper Tote Bags to Keep Your Essentials Safe'.

The Pyramid bag is available in classic colors like Black, Cognac and Forest Green but also in new trendy colors like Misty Green, Summer Taupe and Macaron Tan. You can easily fit your laptop (up to 16 inches) and all your work essentials in an organized way. No more stress and hustle about not finding what you're looking for or forgetting a valuable item to get through your day.

So, if you're looking for a practical companion to arm yourself on your daily adventures, take a look at the Pyramid collection and make your choice!

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